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BLIND GILT Light & Breezy : Box of 6

  • Rs. 1,194.00

Whether you need drinks for a picnic, are planning to add an extra sparkle to your Sunday brunch at home or are just in the mood for a fantastic drink, look no further than the Blind Gilt Light & Breezy Box of 6. A mix of irresistible Basil Smash, best with gin, and a breezy Appletini, best with vodka, this box of 6 Blind Gilt mixers will have you at your playful best.

1 bottle serves 3 drinks

Non-Alcoholic Mixer (0% ABV)

What’s inside:

  • Appletini: Best with Vodka- 3
  • Basil Smash: Best with Gin- 3
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