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Our Story


The name 'BLIND GILT' comes from folklore of the prohibition era. It's a tale of a young female pig who escaped a slaughterhouse and took shelter at a speakeasy. Despite her impaired vision, she was a sharp, mindful and intelligent little pig. Her inability to see heightened her other senses, especially her sense of taste.

Over time, she quickly learned how to play with flavours and ingredients and balance them to produce some of the finest cocktails, which became the talk of the town. She became a favourite amongst the regulars at the bar because they found her cocktails unique and delectable. Unlike the other speakeasies trying to mask the alcohol in their cocktails, Blind Gilt worked hard to enhance the favours of the spirits, making them distinct. As the word spread, slowly and steadily, she rose the ranks and became the first female pig to be the head bartender. Her philosophy was to use ingredients to elevate the spirit's flavours rather than masking them, making her extremely popular. Long after the prohibition, she retained her position until a few years later, when she opened her bar and called it "BLIND GILT". Even today, it specialises in quality cocktails where the philosophy is to use the finest ingredients that will transport you to places of origin and inspire memories of good old times. 

Here's a fun fact: speakeasies were also known as blind pigs back in the day, and 'gilt' is what we call a female pig who has not farrowed.