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1. How many cocktail drinks can be served from one mixer bottle? 

    → One bottle of 180ml serves 3 drinks. 

    2. Is the mixer alcoholic or non-alcoholic? 

      → it is non-alcoholic 

      3. Can kids have it instead of soft drinks and juices? 

        → No, this is not advisable for kids 

        4. How do I make a cocktail? What proportions of mixer and spirit should I add in the cocktail? 

          → Every bottle has a detailed set of instruction on the side panel for making the cocktail. You can also refer to the How to section on our website for instructions

          5. Do you have any retail stores where I can purchase your cocktail mixer? 

            → As of now we are selling only through our website. We will keep updating our retail availability as and when it starts selling through retail. 

            6. Where should I ideally store the mixer? 

              → Please refrigerate the mixers once opened. 

              7. What offers do I get if I am a first time user? 

                → Use code: NEWGILT to get 15%off on your first order. 

                8. What are the locations you currently deliver to? 

                  → Serviceable pin codes can be checked on the website. 

                  9. Can I return my order and get a refund for it? 

                    →Incase the box is damaged or misplaced or lost in transit, you will receive a replacement or a full refund. 

                    10. How can I follow you on instagram? 

                      → Follow us on instagram @blingilt 

                      11. What is the shelf life of the mixers? 

                        →180 days 

                        12. How do I share feedback about the product? 

                          → You can share your feedback via email on Hi@Blindgilt.com 

                          13. In how many days will I receive my order? 

                            → 2-3 working days depending on your location. 

                            14. Which spirit should I preferably use with these mixers to make my cocktails? 

                              → Each mixer works with a different spirit. Please check the How to section for details

                              15. Is Cash on Delivery available? 

                                →At the moment no. 

                                16. Are there any hidden charges or shipping charges?

                                  →No. All the Shipping charges are mentioned on the payment page. There are no hidden charges apart from the Shipping charges. 

                                  17. How can I cancel my order? 

                                    → Orders once dispatched cannot be cancelled. If you wish to cancel your order, please write to us on hi@blindgilt.com 

                                    18. Can I change my order? 

                                      → Orders once dispatched cannot be modified . If you wish to modify your order, please write to us on hi@blindgilt.com